Great Expectations

I’ll always have that image of poor Miss Havisham in her weevil eaten wedding dress waiting in the attic, in my head. I wonder sometimes; is it easier to have great expectations and court disappointment, or under-expect and be nonplussed? I do try to roll with the punches. I try to take it as it…


Friday Funny!

Flying Brazilian ‘You don’t mind if Angela does your wax today, do you? She’s new.’ There are three times you don’t want a ‘new practitioner’ – childbirth, hairdresser, and beauty therapist. ‘No problem’ I sighed. I lay down on the bed and started to prepare for the full length leg wax, the Brazilian and eyebrow…


Highly Strung

My fifth form maths’ teacher was the first to label me, ‘highly strung’. He told me his opinion after throwing a blackboard duster at me (it hit me on the head), on the day I discovered my parents were divorcing. I was never good at maths anyway. Not like words. I was good with those….

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