Lover or fighter?

I’m an exploder, not a sulker. I should have been Italian, or some other red-blooded nationality. I throw plates, and imminently regrettable angry comments. I have an unerring ability to lash out and slice open the juggular with a quick lash of my tongue. I’m not proud of it. Sure, I can make thousands of…


Nothing makes me happy!

Am I a miserable old tart? I mean honestly. I’ve been sitting here for hours, procrastinating. I don’t want to write this post because I honestly can’t think of anything. I cannot think of anything that makes me happy! Really? You see dear Heather at eggscreamhoney wrote this lovely post about all the gorgeous things…


I am cougar hear me roar!

I’m in denial. I trust only L’Oreal Colour 10 hair dye with the knowledge of my true hair colour. I wax away all other evidence of silver. (ssh *down below*) I applied a smashed up kiwifruit to my face the other day. I figured if it tenderises meat it could tenderise life’s etchings around my…


Friday Funny No 2

Kids Say the Funniest things When my dear Son was a little chap, aged about four he loved those gimicky ‘rides’ they often have outside supermarkets and shops. These days they’re likely to be good old Postman Pat delivering the post, but in our time it could have been a Wiggles  or Barney ride. My…

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