The Worst Boss Ever

It was past witching hour, you could even hear the mice running inside the walls of the inner city office block. Or was that the sound of my assistant swearing/hissing/spitting under her breath? I should have borrowed my father’s portable blood pressure monitor for the night. It could have been an early warning indicator. That….


What’s mine is yours

Kids spend nine months in your belly feeding off your body, and the rest of their lives feeding off your purse! As you know I’ve started counsulting and freelancing, whilst I get on with writing the book(s), and fighting UK immigration bureaucracy, and because of this change in my earning capacity money has been a…


Go Home Kiwi

Note: This is a whingy post, but I felt significantly better after writing it. If you are sensitive to the whole ‘immigration issue’ or you’ve been emotionally scarred by an Aussie or Kiwi and wish we’d all just go Down Under and die, don’t read. For the rest of you who wondered why I was…

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