Looking the other way

It felt like a hit in the solar plexus. I’d just finished laughing online about my domestic weekend making soup and pizza and calling myself Nigella when the photos came through on the internet. Nigella being throttled by her husband, 70 year old Charles Saatchi. And there it was, the evidence – as if I…


Too much coffee?

I am almost shaking with excitement. Little sparks of energy are throbbing in my veins and my eyes are wide open. It’s Friday afternoon and I’m wired. Relax Mum, I’m not drugged to the eyeballs. There’s no reason to call an intervention – unless you wish to do so. And if you do, please make…


Ask me no questions tell me no lies

Oscar Wilde once said the worst thing wasn’t people talking about you, but rather people not talking about you. I love Oscar Wilde, but in this I think he’s wrong. In our post-Internet age where reputations can be irreparably destroyed with a few clicks of the send button, people saying the ‘wrong things’ about you, can…


Thank God it’s Friday

My mate Simone at Great Fun 4 Kids got me thinking the other day, with her Gratitude project, so I decided that I would take the TGIF motif and repurpose it into a  Gratitude project of my own. You see, as much as I would like to think that I am fiercely independent and don’t…


What an English house guest needs to know in New Zealand

My Englishman has been here for five nights and he’s starting to feel very much at home.  Especially as the NZ weather has turned frigid just for him. It’s currently 10 degrees in Auckland, and it’s COLD. (Yes, Northern Hemisphere folk it is cold!) It’s snowing down south, which admittedly that’s like saying I’m in London…

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