Scarborough Fair

It’s weird returning Down Under from the old world and seeing all these old English place names, now that I’ve been to the original places. Over the past few days in Brisbane I’ve been to Margate,  Ascot and Scarborough and yet I’ve not left the Southern Cross behind. Scarborough is the weirdest one of all…



I don’t think it’s possible to move to the other side of the world without a wobble or two. I’ve certainly had a few over the past four weeks, and yet somehow because I’m in the place I want to be, I don’t feel I should have the ‘right’ to have anxieties, stress…. worrisome wobbles. The men…


Back from outer space

A week ago today, I arrived back in Auckland with Dark Princess and Miss Fliss, but as I drove along the waterfront into the city for an interview this afternoon, with the sun beating down on the achingly blue waters of the Waitemata harbour, I didn’t feel I’d arrived back from four years in England….


Whistling a happy tune

I’m whistling a happy tune today. Not because I’m happy, rather au contraire. I’m afraid. Deep pit of my stomach aching with anxiety. Knotted and strained and tight. I’m tearful without warning. It’s cold and miserable outside …I’m tearful. Bailey the dog needs walking and cries, and I join in with my human tears. Why…


Flying away for summer

I thought about you last night. In particular, that night on the day we met. I’m not sure why. Is it because I’m thinking about the end of things. The turning of leaves, new chapters, starting again… My memories were coloured in with feelings, smells, sights and sounds. Remember the jazz music the taxi driver…


The perfect expat job

A friend of mine is staring down the barrel of a longterm expat assignment and she is frantic. “but what am I going to do Vix? I’m going to be so bored. I can’t work, I’ll have no friends, I don’t play a sport..what can I do?” It’s a great question and one I asked…

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