Waiheke Wedding Anniversary

My Englishman gave me a priceless gift for our fourth wedding anniversary, it out-trumped mine. I had been consulting wedding anniversary gift lists and discovered the traditional wedding gift for the fourth wedding anniversary is fruit and flowers – fruit for the boy and flowers for the girl, I assume. So I racked my brain….


My theory of relativity

After a long hot summer, and no Autumn Auckland has plunged into an Antarctic deluge. Friends are racing around seeking out heat pumps and Merino sweaters, and I’ve resorted to putting slippers on. ‘Straight to winter’ they moan. ‘What happened to Autumn? It’s a bit tough wearing shorts one day and freezing the next. It’s…


Four wheels of freedom

Over the past 6 months I’ve driven over 12 different vehicles in the hunt to buy my own four wheels of freedom. It’s been something of a trip from the sublime to the ridiculous. And one I must say, quickly, I am completely indebted to my brilliant friends who have lent me their vehicles, for!…


Indie As

Over the past month I’ve been thinking lots about what travel really means. In part that’s because I’ve been repositioning the blog from ‘Kiwi expat Mum’ to ‘Kiwi blogger travelling the world with her funny bone’, and wondering: Can you be a traveller if you’re in the same place for more than a few weeks? Am I…

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