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Before The Blog Began – Moving Worlds

Another post from the archives about life before the blog. This was written in December 2009 after we finally received our papers and I felt it was safe to tell our story. On August 2010 we will have been here in England for two years. Many times I’ve looked back on the sheer expense of…


My Cup is Half Full

Perspective is a beautiful, hard-won thing. Today there’s a strong wind blowing, but the sun is shining. My heart is in New Zealand, but it’s here too, in England. Miss Ten, the resident tomboy, wandered out to ride her bike and stopped momentarily to pick this beautiful bloom in our garden. I have no idea…


Friday Funny Haha Friends

Another gorgeous Friday morning in England and time to highlight some laughs and giggles! My roast-ee (like a roastie but funnier) today is Organic Mom With Cool Whip – a very funny lady from across the pond in USA. You have to go and see her post about being a playdate pimp, or as she…

My best foot forward!

You know how doctors don’t look after their health, and builders never finish their own house? Well marketing/new media people never seem to get around to finishing their website or promoting themselves or their blog. I need your help. I’ve realised that I need to put together on a page over there a collection of…


Bloody Unromantic- part two

Before reading this part two, you should really read Part One of the story here We’d had a most romantic night. Lots of time alone together, no murmered voices in the background, no dog crying to be let out, or kids turning on the TV at 6am to watch cartoons whilst they devoured all edible…

vegemitevix photos for The Gallery

Outside my front door

For Tara Cain’s gallery this week, the prompt was: ‘Outside your front door’ This beautiful flax plant is in our front garden. Nothing unusual about that except, I was really surprised to see it when I first arrived at the house. Flax is an incredibly important plant in the Maori culture in New Zealand. In…

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