Moving Stories 3 – Moving for love

I started this series – Moving Stories – inspired by my own momumental move ‘for love’, so you can imagine how delighted I was that so many of the respondents are saying the same thing. It seems we’ve all moved for love – in one way or another. Today Michelle Garrett, a US expat living…


Moving Stories – How was it for you?

Was expat life all you expected it to be?  I’ve been mulling over this question like  a Werther’s toffee over the past six months, trying to decide how to advise would-be expats. I’ve moved internationally over six times now, and have lived in four different countries, in both hemispheres. I know quite a bit about…


Somebody I used to know

It wasn’t pouring with rain, the sky was a flooded bathroom floor and I was directly under the drain pipe. At least I had been until I’d grabbed a spot under one of the store’s eaves, and jostled for space between the drips that trickled down through holes in the cloth awning, with other refugees …


Mine’s definately not bigger than yours

Your travelling bags are like lie detecter tests in fabric. Or in hard kevlar styled shell, if you’re a Samsonite freak. I’ve been travelling over the past couple of days (out to the five star spa Anassa in Cyprus, thanks for asking!) and whilst I’ve been hanging out in airports I’ve noticed a few things…

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