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You’ve got a friend

People move in and out of our lives like seasons. Some sweep in on the tail of a winter storm, drenched with rain and red in the face. Others float in on a carefree Summer zephyr. Faces peeling and dressed with an expression of calm languid acceptance. Whatever the season, their appearance in our lives…


Waiheke Wedding Anniversary

My Englishman gave me a priceless gift for our fourth wedding anniversary, it out-trumped mine. I had been consulting wedding anniversary gift lists and discovered the traditional wedding gift for the fourth wedding anniversary is fruit and flowers – fruit for the boy and flowers for the girl, I assume. So I racked my brain….


A weekend of lasts

When you’re on countdown to flying out it’s hard not being acutely conscious of the last time. The last everything. ”This is the last time I’ll be driving to this college,’ I said to myself as I drove to deliver Dark Princess on Friday. ‘This is the last time I’ll be going into London,’ I…


Love in the secret night garden

Overheard at a weekly session with the Psychotherapist  Therapist: So tell me how have things been going this past week? Any problems. Patient: Not too bad, a few work problems here and there. The kids have been busy. Therapist: And your wife? How’s your relationship at the moment? Patient: It’s good. We’re great. It’s just,…


Flying away for summer

I thought about you last night. In particular, that night on the day we met. I’m not sure why. Is it because I’m thinking about the end of things. The turning of leaves, new chapters, starting again… My memories were coloured in with feelings, smells, sights and sounds. Remember the jazz music the taxi driver…


Mad cows, Noah’s ark and fighting dirty

I may have once bitten someone mid-fight, – it was only my sister, and I was five,  – but I’m all grown up now and I’ve learnt how to fight clean. I know how to not hit below the belt (or leave teeth marks) and I know when I should just make for the ropes….

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