Gorgeous things

So that was Easter. Been, gone, done and dusted. It’s the right season for Easter over here in the UK, being Spring and all, but I still find that old spectre of homesickness creeping in despite all the bunnies and chicks, and eggs. It was lovely going over to Strawberry Munchkin’s for a good old…


Expats, a Title and Peter Pan

I’ve been into London today to catch up with the travel blogging scene who were meeting at the World Travel Market,  a humungous travel exhibition staged at ExCel. I got in for gratis on a PRESS PASS! Oh that so deserves the capital letters! A press pass!  Woohoo I am a bona fide writing erzatz…

bumble bees shouldn't be able to fly but they can

Why not?

I am particularly creative when it comes to excuses. Reasons why I shouldn’t do this, or that. Why I couldn’t, mustn’t, need not bother.. Argue for your limitations and they’ll be yours, goes the saying. They are mine. All mine. But they are creative, if always unspoken. They never get to break free from entrapment…


Parting is such sweet sorrow

Monday 18th August 2008 The last few days have been interesting. Like ‘chinese curse’, interesting. The High Commission couldn’t grant entry clearance without seeing the work permit. Bit of a problem as the work permit was in Sheffield and the immigration wankers wouldn’t pass it over until my Englishman had paid the final bill. Sigh….

Before The Blog Began

As I’m galla­vant­ing around Strat­ford upon Avon I’m delv­ing into the archives to pull out some of the ear­li­est blog posts I wrote about our story. I hope you enjoy them – ************************************************* Orig­i­nally posted Sep­tem­ber 2009 I should prob­a­bly explain how I ended up on this late OE aged 40 with three chil­dren, dog, cat and every­thing we own….


Rose Tinted Glasses

Some days I can’t see anything but darkness. Black and white photo images that mirror my black and white mood. Stark. Spare. Skeletal, life without flesh. Life leeched of colour. Some days I don’t see black. I simply don’t see. Anything. The images hit my retina but my mind refuses to decipher the shapes, the…


My Cup is Half Full

Perspective is a beautiful, hard-won thing. Today there’s a strong wind blowing, but the sun is shining. My heart is in New Zealand, but it’s here too, in England. Miss Ten, the resident tomboy, wandered out to ride her bike and stopped momentarily to pick this beautiful bloom in our garden. I have no idea…


From this day forward

Saturday 23rd May 2009 Panic enveloped me. It flushed my cheeks. I sucked in. My sister and my niece pulled at the lacings again. I was going to end up walking down the aisle in my basque and suspenders! ‘You need to pull it really, really hard!’ I pleaded with my dressers. I was sure…


Old like a tree

I want to grow old like a tree With my roots firm in the ground Branches reaching heavenwards Leaves fingering sunlight, sky and Rain. I want tempered bark, and wrinkles like rings in the wood Glamourous whispers of a life lived. I want to grow old like a tree Protecting my saplings from wind and…

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