The perfect expat job

A friend of mine is staring down the barrel of a longterm expat assignment and she is frantic. “but what am I going to do Vix? I’m going to be so bored. I can’t work, I’ll have no friends, I don’t play a sport..what can I do?” It’s a great question and one I asked…


Moving Stories – How was it for you?

Was expat life all you expected it to be?  I’ve been mulling over this question like  a Werther’s toffee over the past six months, trying to decide how to advise would-be expats. I’ve moved internationally over six times now, and have lived in four different countries, in both hemispheres. I know quite a bit about…


Somebody I used to know

It wasn’t pouring with rain, the sky was a flooded bathroom floor and I was directly under the drain pipe. At least I had been until I’d grabbed a spot under one of the store’s eaves, and jostled for space between the drips that trickled down through holes in the cloth awning, with other refugees …

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