Dark Princess


Good things come to those who wait

I arrived into this world premature and I’ve not been good at waiting – for anything – ever since. So when people tell me to wait, it’ll come, I never quite know how. I’m not practised at it, and therefore I’m not good at it. I want it all to happen yesterday. I’m a woman…



I don’t think it’s possible to move to the other side of the world without a wobble or two. I’ve certainly had a few over the past four weeks, and yet somehow because I’m in the place I want to be, I don’t feel I should have the ‘right’ to have anxieties, stress…. worrisome wobbles. The men…


Back from outer space

A week ago today, I arrived back in Auckland with Dark Princess and Miss Fliss, but as I drove along the waterfront into the city for an interview this afternoon, with the sun beating down on the achingly blue waters of the Waitemata harbour, I didn’t feel I’d arrived back from four years in England….


A weekend of lasts

When you’re on countdown to flying out it’s hard not being acutely conscious of the last time. The last everything. ”This is the last time I’ll be driving to this college,’ I said to myself as I drove to deliver Dark Princess on Friday. ‘This is the last time I’ll be going into London,’ I…


Whistling a happy tune

I’m whistling a happy tune today. Not because I’m happy, rather au contraire. I’m afraid. Deep pit of my stomach aching with anxiety. Knotted and strained and tight. I’m tearful without warning. It’s cold and miserable outside …I’m tearful. Bailey the dog needs walking and cries, and I join in with my human tears. Why…


Mad cows, Noah’s ark and fighting dirty

I may have once bitten someone mid-fight, – it was only my sister, and I was five,  – but I’m all grown up now and I’ve learnt how to fight clean. I know how to not hit below the belt (or leave teeth marks) and I know when I should just make for the ropes….

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