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And remarkably, no one died!

I’ve just spent the entire day working at a client’s premises and guess what? No one died. Nup. All four other family members are still alive and kicking. They all managed to get through their days without needing me to check where they’d placed their shoes, sweater, keys, mobile charger… They’d all managed to eat,…


R.I.P Bridget Jones

When I was cast abruptly back onto the dating scene at the tender age of 38 I learnt very quickly that you could tell a lot about a man from what he thought of Bridget Jones. It didn’t matter that Bridget Jones wasn’t real. What mattered was that the Bridget Jones story embodied what so…


Hey,hey, hey, hey

In case you were wondering here’s the music that inspired the last post. It’s been going through my mind for the past few days now. “Don’t you forget about me, don’t, don’t don’t don’t you,  but you walk on by..will you call my name as you walk on by, will you call my name when…


Don’t you forget about me

Three weeks in and in our Twitterific age our family health crisis is now consigned to history, for everyone but us living it.  Bills are still overdue, clients are still demanding and distressing and everyone has assumed that it’s back to normal. And it kinda is. Of course at home we’re still muddling through trying…


Inspiration is everywhere

It’s been a tough week, changing seasons it’s sometimes like that. Hubby’s been ill and I’ve been struggling under the strain. Add in a few work problems and exhaustion and I’ve crumbled a little. It’s OK. I’m allowed. Things don’t always have to be perfect. That’s why we have seasons. There’s a beauty in each…


The Earth Moved

The past three weeks have been a blur and it feels as if the earth has been moving under my feet. In that short window of time we’ve sent our oldest daughter off to her school ball, found a new house to move to and moved in.  We’ve celebrated five years of marriage and my…

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