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How England Changed Me

It was a typical Kiwi scene and yet something was out of place. We were squished together in the heat of the day in the cramped School Uniform Shop. Outside the heat hung in shimmering bands above the tarceal and cicadas squealed frantically. I fanned myself briefly with my school uniform price list.   $55…


Scarborough Fair

It’s weird returning Down Under from the old world and seeing all these old English place names, now that I’ve been to the original places. Over the past few days in Brisbane I’ve been to Margate,  Ascot and Scarborough and yet I’ve not left the Southern Cross behind. Scarborough is the weirdest one of all…


A New Year

You’ll be pleased to know that I did get off my bum and go into Auckland to usher in the New Year. Was it a celebration that 2012 was over and we survived, or were we really looking forward to a new life in a new town together? I’m not entirely sure which. But whatever…



I don’t think it’s possible to move to the other side of the world without a wobble or two. I’ve certainly had a few over the past four weeks, and yet somehow because I’m in the place I want to be, I don’t feel I should have the ‘right’ to have anxieties, stress…. worrisome wobbles. The men…


A Kiwi Christmas

It goes without saying that this Christmas is completely different from last year’s, back in England where the snow lay round about (deep and crisp and even!). For a start it’s significantly hotter. With a very humid air stream over the North Island from the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Evan, it feels as if you’re…

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