expat life

bailey in snow

I miss you

I went for a run the other day, without you. It wasn’t the first time, I know, you’ve not been able to run with me for a couple of years now. And me? I lost the joy of running without your companionship. My stomach hanging over the top of my jeans like an inside-out pocket,…


Tadpole Heaven

I’ve never pretended I was a great housekeeper. Not once. Not even in the early days of being a Mum, when it was expected that you would pop out a baby and graduate cum laude from the school of Housekeeping Fanaticism. But, there are times when even my meagre standards appear inconceivable. As you know, dear…


We need you to know

Dear person suffering through mental illness, we need you to know these things. We are your mother, brother, sister, best friend, significant other. We are the ones in your world fighting in the trenches with you. 1. Blame – We don’t blame you. Mostly. We don’t blame you that you have somehow fallen ill and…

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