Behind Glass

I am behind glass. There’s layers of glass  between me and the world I see. I am struggling to see clearly through the smudges on the lenses and the scratches. These glasses have served me faithfully for over 14 years. And I hate them. They distort. They bend light. They bend the truth. They hide…


Put Your Hands in the Air

Woohoo! ‘Put hands in the air like you just don’t care!’ So I did. Numerous cocktails played chasie in my stomach. But look at me everyone, yeah. I’m so sexy. I’m too sexy for my boots, so sexy it hurts…. Bam. Floor. Hurts. Never mind! Up again, dancing. No one can stop the Dancing Queen….


From this day forward

Saturday 23rd May 2009 Panic enveloped me. It flushed my cheeks. I sucked in. My sister and my niece pulled at the lacings again. I was going to end up walking down the aisle in my basque and suspenders! ‘You need to pull it really, really hard!’ I pleaded with my dressers. I was sure…


Raising Sky Walker

There is something divine intervention about Son’s birthday, for it is the 4th of May. May the Fourth Be With You! Or as some have tried to popularise on Twitter today, International Star Wars day. Really? It got me to thinking about how different the two protagonists in the Star Wars saga are – Sky…

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