Cheap cooking for crowds

Sponsored You’ve gotta love the GFC! I know that sounds nuts but really there are some good aspects of global financial obliteration. We’re all in it together, for example. Though some countries have fared better than others. NZ doesn’t seem as badly hit as the UK and over the past nine months since we came…


Gorgeous things

So that was Easter. Been, gone, done and dusted. It’s the right season for Easter over here in the UK, being Spring and all, but I still find that old spectre of homesickness creeping in despite all the bunnies and chicks, and eggs. It was lovely going over to Strawberry Munchkin’s for a good old…


Tribal Wives in Britain

I’ve recently been watching the BBC series Tribal Wives, and it got me to thinking. If I was to instruct a woman coming into our culture, here in the UK, what instructions would I give them? In Tribal Wives a British woman is transported from her home in the western world to an indigineous tribal…