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You’ve got a friend

People move in and out of our lives like seasons. Some sweep in on the tail of a winter storm, drenched with rain and red in the face. Others float in on a carefree Summer zephyr. Faces peeling and dressed with an expression of calm languid acceptance. Whatever the season, their appearance in our lives…


What an English house guest needs to know in New Zealand

My Englishman has been here for five nights and he’s starting to feel very much at home.  Especially as the NZ weather has turned frigid just for him. It’s currently 10 degrees in Auckland, and it’s COLD. (Yes, Northern Hemisphere folk it is cold!) It’s snowing down south, which admittedly that’s like saying I’m in London…


Four wheels of freedom

Over the past 6 months I’ve driven over 12 different vehicles in the hunt to buy my own four wheels of freedom. It’s been something of a trip from the sublime to the ridiculous. And one I must say, quickly, I am completely indebted to my brilliant friends who have lent me their vehicles, for!…


Indie As

Over the past month I’ve been thinking lots about what travel really means. In part that’s because I’ve been repositioning the blog from ‘Kiwi expat Mum’ to ‘Kiwi blogger travelling the world with her funny bone’, and wondering: Can you be a traveller if you’re in the same place for more than a few weeks? Am I…



It’s been a big week in blogland – first there was the exciting news that VegemiteVix had won bronze in the very competitive #England competition on Expats Blogs! Bronze! Wow. I’m absolutely thrilled and very thankful for all you lovely people who voted and said such brilliant things about the blog. Thanks. Then hard on…


The perfect expat job

A friend of mine is staring down the barrel of a longterm expat assignment and she is frantic. “but what am I going to do Vix? I’m going to be so bored. I can’t work, I’ll have no friends, I don’t play a sport..what can I do?” It’s a great question and one I asked…

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