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Don’t you forget about me

Three weeks in and in our Twitterific age our family health crisis is now consigned to history, for everyone but us living it.  Bills are still overdue, clients are still demanding and distressing and everyone has assumed that it’s back to normal. And it kinda is. Of course at home we’re still muddling through trying…


Plot Twist

If our story was a novel, this is the point where we’d yell ‘plot twist’.  Readers would puzzle and say ‘I didn’t see that coming’ and other wiser beings those who are clued up on foreshadowing and other literary devices would say ‘I knew it all along.’ But for us, well we’re not the writers…


This is life

So today I spent all day in a facility. Filling forms, fielding accusations, fighting for calm. Today, I left my love behind. In good hands truly. At least, I pray so. Today I learnt about life. They’ve all lied. Julie Andrews and the rest – life isn’t rainbows, or mittens or kittens. NO matter how…


Inspiration is everywhere

It’s been a tough week, changing seasons it’s sometimes like that. Hubby’s been ill and I’ve been struggling under the strain. Add in a few work problems and exhaustion and I’ve crumbled a little. It’s OK. I’m allowed. Things don’t always have to be perfect. That’s why we have seasons. There’s a beauty in each…


Good Morning

I’ve always been a little cynical about the whole ‘attract it and it’ll come’ view of the world. After all, I’ve been thinking positive thoughts about Mercedes Benz cars coming my way for decades now and I haven’t seen one in my driveway yet. In fact my driveway is a tad empty currently. Our faithful…

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