Colouring in books

colourinWhen I was a young teen I used to spend many a cold Winter’s day hanging about inside with DoodleArt – a kind of large scale colouring in project kit. Imagine my surprise to learn that at the tender age of 47 my love of colouring in hasn’t left me. Of course it’s the big in thing to do at the moment, but that’s not the appeal for me. For me, it’s about being able to do something creative without being on-screen! Have a look at some of our favourite adult colouring in pages with pages you can download yourself or books you can buy with images you can frame and keep.

Fab stress relief that’s cheaper than a bottle of wine or a bundle of Prozac.

Reina Cottier Art  Brit & Co Mum in the Madhouse (great post from Jen)


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