The Girl on the train


I have recently remembered that the best way to work through tough times is to get lost in a book. This was one of my recent adventures and I’ll admit I loved it. I was drawn in by the premise – a girl on a commuter train in the UK is an unwitting observer and then participant in the lives of two couples whose houses she sees each morning and evening on her daily commute into London. I’ve done this. I’ve often sat on the South West train into London and pondered about the lives of the people who live alongside the tracks. It wasn’t much of a jump for me to consider that a train passenger could witness a crime. I enjoyed the various unreliable narrators and their idiosyncrasies. Not always likeable, but interesting nevertheless and I found the twist in the tale rewarding, albeit shocking. Many readers have likened this book to Gone Girl but I think that’s a little unfair. This is a different kettle of fish altogether and the only thing they have in common is the twist in the tale. As a psychological study of character Girl on the train is flawless and absorbing.

Read it – 4/5 stars from Vegemitevix


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