Cheapflights, Naked Flight Attendants and the exploding Cronut

You haven’t heard much from me over the past two weeks and that’s because I’ve had a little problem.AE7Q2614 copy (1)

Exploding Cronuts.

Now those of you unaware of the latest heart attack in a baggie craze, may be highly suspicious of this deep fried donut lathered with patisserie cream sensation and could also be unaware that they are the most dangerous food item known to the hard-working PR professional.

Essentially the cronut is a mega donut layered together with patisserie cream and topped off with icing. It’s been highly praised around the world and mindful of the dietary promises I’ve made to myself (to take my calories in liquid form – er, grape jus) I’ve steered clear. Until last week that is.

Last week is simply a blur of 18 hour days and putting out fires. I was dressed in my professional best (ie not my daily jeans and a t-shirt) to meet the crew from Australia who were rolling out the launch of Cheapflights next gen website. The global launch. In little old Auckland.

Naturally with such an important meeting, where impressions count, I was running late, and I was famished, so I ran into the local deli (Delissimo – simply sublime) and grabbed the cronut brekkie and rushed onto the motorway.

I know what you’re thinking.

Here am I trying to stay in my lane on the motorway, dressed in PR best, determined not to be late and at this highly pressured point in time I decided to attempt the one-handed-feed-your-face manouvre, on the motorway!

Why? Just why?

My lips brushed the icing sugar, my mouth opened to fit the small townhouse sized baked item and my teeth bit down with determination. To the victor the spoils! At that point the cronut exploded into a spray of icing and cream that painted my work top and smeared my face from wide-open-eyeballs to chin.

Of course I happened to be wearing the one top that has button detail around the  neckline. Save throwing myself into a full soak and wash cycle, nothing was going to remove the slick of patisserie cream But that wasn’t the worst of it.

The Cheapflights launch featured naked flight attendants – naked, but for a little body paint. Beautiful buff bodies. So buff that I quipped that the body-painter had done a great job of contouring our male model’s abs. ‘Cept they weren’t contoured, they were real.


And I felt like a sticky, chunky female cronut in the presence of these god-like beings.

Why were they naked?

Well it was a cheeky play on the transparency of the travel search function on Cheapflights’ new website. There are literally no added costs, no charges, no fees, no taxes. What you see is what you get. And what you get is impressive.

I have used a number of these travel comparison websites in my quest to find the best deal and have often found them hard to use, or that they hang or that the price quoted is never what you actually end up paying. Not so in this case. Cheapflights offers up a full picture of all of the fares – and not just cheap airlines either. All the goodies, the ones you really need when you’re travelling long haul are there too – Air New Zealand, Singapore, Etihad, Qatar…

Which frankly is where I wanted to be instead of driving to meet with the buff bods.

I parked and summoned my confidence from the bottom of the crumbled cronut bag and started walking towards the trendy Britomart precinct. As I walked I felt something squidgey and sticky about my person. I tried to brush it off. Literally and figuratively.

It wasn’t until the models arrived and I was admiring their panel paint jobs that I realised I had a sticky situation.

I spent the rest of the day attempting to look professional whilst surreptiously picking cronut out of my bra.

Happy days!


Disclaimer – Obviously I worked with Cheapflights on their launch campaign but I chose to write this post and the promotional relationship doesn’t mean these aren’t my true and honest opinions. Cheapflights new website is da bomb and cronuts are dynamite … and more! Eat at your own peril!



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