Embrace Your Space – Book Review

One thing I’m loving about living at home in Auckland once more is the space.


Great idea for Christmas!

Lots and lots and lots of space. Our house has a decent section planted with fruit trees and herb gardens, not to mention a swimming pool. It’s brilliant and whilst I am enormously grateful for it, I know full well that  we are lucky. Very lucky.

Most people around the world don’t have the ‘outdoor room’ that we have and many live with only a balcony or small terrace space on which to try and soak up some sunshine – not enough room to grow food. Or so I thought, until I picked up clever landscape architect Janet Luke’s new book – Embrace Your Space.

What an amazing book, chokka full of ideas to make the most of the space – irrespective of how small and pokey – and to turn your outdoors from a concrete jungle into a verdant oasis.

I’ve seen the whole herb garden in a pot/bucket idea before but Luke goes one step further. How about a pallet garden, or maybe a vertical herb garden to cover up an unappealing wall or neighbouring wall?

Or a gutter garden, garden in a bottle or salad greens growing in a shopping trolley – which Janet Luke urges you to not nick from the local supermarket!

Even with the large yard we’re currently enjoying there’s something really inspiring about Luke’s creativity, and as for growing oyster mushrooms in coffee grounds…. well what could be better for an urban cafe queen?

Not to mention that I always  thought plants didn’t like coffee. At least my pot plants at University never did.

Embrace Your Space is a fab colourful book, perfect for the night stand. It’s an enjoyable read, not at all veering into ‘worthy lecturing’. It’s the kind of book you can pick up and read a chapter, marvel at the idea and then pop it down again. The perfect present for anyone wanting to (as Luke says) ‘create an urban oasis in New Zealand’. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Not a bad  Christmas idea for the mother in law or hard to buy got-everything sister!

You can buy Embrace Your Space by Janet Luke – (published by New Holland) at Fishpond – http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/Embrace-Your-Space-Janet-Luke/9781869663919


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  2. December 17, 2013 @ 9:54 pm Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick

    Fantastic book isn’t it? I love Janet!! Mx


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