What fun!

Well that was fun.

Problogger 2013

Problogger party at HIlton Surfers Paradise, thanks to Tourism Queensland, SeaWorld et al.

There  I was at Problogger rubbing shoulders with the famous and infamous (that’ll be you Mrs Styling You and you Mrs Woog!) and hanging out with all the luminaries in the Australian professional blogging scene, when it all came tumbling down.

I hasten to admit, it wasn’t alcohol driven!

I mean, it could have been – the party the Hilton Gold Coast and Tourism Queensland put on for us as INCREDIBLE. I do believe I’ve never been to a party before that had amongst its entertainment a pair of debauched lifeguards, an eagle, SpongeBob Squarepants, fire twirlers and scantily clad women on stilts… oh, and a snake.

Top Aussie Kiwi Bloggers Mrs Woog and Vegemitevix

Problogger 2013 Trouble in a huddle – Mrs Woog and VegemiteVix

And free champagne by the beautifully lit pool. For hours!

I was having a brilliant time. I mean who wouldn’t, given the circumstances. And then I headed back to the hotel I was staying in and back to reality.  Not the flashest hotel I’ve ever stayed in I’ll admit, but I couldn’t stretch the non-existent  budget to cover staying at a nicer joint. By 1130 pm I’d been up for 19 hours and maybe that’s why I was feeling so vulnerable. Or it could have had something to do with the photocopied notices advising me that the hotel would not be held responsible for my things being stolen, from my room, and the dodgy lock.

I have a few ideas for hotels wanting to attract the solo woman business traveller, coming right up the very next Travel Thursday.

Just before I turned out the light I checked my emails and found out that the past 12 hours or so of networking at Problogger had been in vain.

My crappy English ISP had pulled Vegemitevix down. Too much traffic, they said. It’s not fair to the others, they said. I think they really just wanted to get me onto a dedicated server and to cross their palms with even more pounds Stirling and half a kidney.

No warning. Nothing. Just taken offline.

All those business cards I’d given out to marketing folk, agents (The Remarkables Group) and others would have lead them directly to a blank screen. So much for being one of NZ’s top bloggers.  I could have cried.

Actually, I did.

Before I could sleep I managed to pull a few tricks out of my hat and get the Vegemitevix ship off the dry dock and back sailing onto the ocean, but who knows how much damage being down had done. On one of my biggest nights of the year.

When I arrived home to NZ after a few days with my Mum, I managed to get the crappy ISP to finally   process my transfer out order. But not before I’d parted with yet  another $20 I might add.

It took two or three days before anything happened but finally on Thursday it appeared the process was happening. Not a moment too soon considering I first asked them to move the blog back in January.

Late on Thursday night I made sure I had an exported XML file on my hard drive and was starting to prepare the SQL database for transfer when my Englishman came and dragged a weary me off to bed.  He was worried I’d collapse as I’d had approximately 3 hours sleep average over the past week.

In the morning all access was gone.

The joy of having an incompetent ISP on the other side of the world. Oh and I also had an email from the crappy ISP telling me that I could go ahead and set up my new domain on their servers. As if I would ever, ever, ever want to go back to their crappy, blackmailing service ever again!


It took three days to figure out how to split my large blog xml file into smaller portions that could actually be transferred into the new ISP. But the last few posts didn’t make it and neither did any of the images.

None of those beautiful images I’ve lovingly installed on this blog over four years!

What fun!

The moral of the story is this: People be careful who you trust with your online work. Not all ISPs are all that. And if you want to move your blog…please for the love of all that is holy, please do it properly and move all your files (not just the exported XML file!) from your old database to your new one.

I’m off to cry into my media library…

NB/ One by one I’m reloading my files including all 8Mb of  my image files. I’m woefully aware of how unprofessional this looks. Thank you so much for bearing with me, I’m working as hard as I can to get it all organised. Oh and if you’re with UK2.net I’d be very cautious. Just saying!


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