Wicked Halloween read

The Dark Glamour – Gabriella Pierce –

“A naughty pleasure and a wicked Halloween read!”

Why should the kids get all the fun at Halloween? The Dark Glamour by Gabriella Pierce, the sequel to 666 Park Avenue is the perfect antidote for a weekend’s worth of organising Zompie outfits and carving pumpkins, for the hassled woman of the house.  Unashamedly chick lit in tone it is a fun read with just enough bite to sustain my interest – and believe me I’m picky – but not so much depth as to be unmanageable, given my weakened energy levels after the Halloween hullabaloo.

The Dark Glamour picks up the story with heroine witch Jane Boyle now on the run and determined to find her long-lost sister in law so as to get the Mother In Law witch off her back. The Park Avenue styled makeover Jane magics up to provide cover from those hunting her, is nothing short of remarkable and courage bolstered by her new image as the mysterious Baroness Medeiros,  she sets off to find Anne and confront the evil Dorans.

It’s a convincing story line and grants author Gabriella Pierce license to fashion a whole new side to Jane, once the timid orphan from Paris, now the femme fatale with fangs. I liked the development of this new strong, resourceful, no-longer-plain-Jane and voyeuristically enjoyed the sizzling relationship between the Baroness and André. This Jane is taking no prisoners and I couldn’t help revelling in a strong heroine in this genre who behaved as if the feminist liberation had actually happened! No simpering submissive Twilight victim here. For a moment I fantasised in a fan fic kind of way, about the new Jane kicking Christian Grey’s arse!

For once (in what feels like an age!) we have a woman who is going to follow through on her desires, carnal and otherwise, not just sit around and weep about it.

And as for the surprising twist at the end of the book, well Gabriella Pierce certainly keeps the tension turned up tight right until the very last few pages.  After I’d put the book down all that was left for me to do was to go and pour myself a very large glass of Merlot which I subsequently wolfed down.

The only dischord in the package was the overtly woman’s mag glossy book cover which I found a bit of a turn off. As if I had to put a jacket cover from Jane Eyre over it to be able to read it in peace in company. Even my Englishman raised an eyebrow when he saw what I was reading.

Over all though, I enjoyed The Dark Glamour. It’s a naughty pleasure and a wicked Halloween read! Get your own copy from Vegemitevix’s Amazon channel here:






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  1. October 29, 2012 @ 2:42 pm TheAmericanResident

    Sounds quite good! An excellent review (who designs these covers?!) that makes me want to read it. Am just starting another so will keep this in mind!


    • October 29, 2012 @ 7:04 pm vegemitevix

      Thanks for the praise. Yeah, if I’d come across it on a book shelf I’m not sure I would have picked it up, and yet it was a good fun read. It’s nice to be able to read sensible fluff – if you know what I mean. Enjoyed it and found it really relaxing. Not faint praise for someone who doesn’t really typically enjoy fantasy or romance.


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